5 Inspiring Luxury Accommodation Websites That We Love

By Hâfi Martinsdóttir

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An important part of analysing and improving your own online marketing strategy, is to look at how other, similar businesses, are running theirs.

Here you’ll find 5 wonderful properties and the websites showcasing each of them. All 5 sites featured here were chosen in order to share with you their strengths and weaknesses along with how their digital strategies can be improved. I hope this serves you as you continue to improve on your own marketing strategy for your luxury property or guest experience.

#1 The Range, Byron Bay

“The Range is a home, venue, destination and hub for those looking to immerse themselves in the richness that is beautiful architecture and natural surrounds, with a conscience for the environment.” – The Range website

What we love about it:

The thing that works so well with when it comes to The Range website and the destination itself is the branding consistency that runs through all elements. The website gives space for Emma Lane’s incredible sense of style, the beautiful photography and barefoot luxury feel to come through. The website doesn’t overpower or overwhelm, the layout is fluid, the colours are warm and the feel is relaxing. The images load slowly and peacefully, there are no jarring gimmicks or glitchy eyesores.

Essentially, the tranquil experience you expect to have during your stay at The Range begins at your very first visit to their website. 

Their photography and copy (text) tells a story, which is crucial when it comes to creating an immersive experience for guests to dive into. A true escape from their own lives. 

What could be improved:

From a marketing stand point there’s always room for improvement. I would suggest that if Emma wishes to increase her profits, rates and bookings, a booking platform on the website itself would be a big leap in the right direction. Allowing people to book there and then as opposed to reaching out via email and waiting for a response. It’s crucial to strike while the iron is hot. 

To grow further the next step would be to incorporate a regular newsletter to allow people to stay abreast of their latest news, events and offers. Many potential and past guests may well be interested to hear more from Emma regarding her interior design and styling suggestions. Sharing regular blog posts on the topic of interior styling would also continue to drive her target audience to her website, increase awareness of her property and boost her website’s SEO. 

Emma’s other property, The Beach House, is also worth a visit with an equally beautiful website.

#2 Joshua Tree House, Utah

“Initially meant to simply be our own personal retreat, we listed the House on Airbnb as a way to fund the project. We quickly discovered that others were also craving a place to reflect, reset, and create, and so eventually we opened the House up for full-time rentals.” – The Joshua Tree House website

What we love about it:

Again, here we have a really simple, clear and elegant website that doesn’t clutter the screen or distract the viewer’s attention. A peaceful website to promote a serene vibe that you can expect to carry through into your stay at the properties listed here. 

The fact that Sara and Rich Combs have an interior, lifestyle and field guide blogs on their site is a great way to draw in a variety of potential guests. 

They also have a Digital Postcard subscribe option to encourage interested viewers to receive the occasional newsletter to ensure that they are regularly reminded of the Joshua Tree House via a drip campaign which is a powerful way to boost bookings and build guest loyalty.

Another aspect that continues to build a serene digital experience of the property, is the Spotify soundtrack available on the site. This allows potential guests to feel the vibe and pace of the property and further builds a story in their minds of what they can expect if they book. 

What could be improved:

To really maximise your profits, I would encourage Sara and Rich to invest in an online booking platform allowing guests to book directly on their website. This would prevent websites such as Airbnb or booking.com from taking a cut and charging the guests extra for using their service.

#3 The Bower, Byron Bay

“The Bower Suites • Designed with impeccable attention to detail – and offered in configurations to suit your personal requirements – The Bower Suites are curated with hand-selected vintage and contemporary collections, one-off artwork and finished with sumptuous beds and linens.” – The Bower Facebook page

What we love about it:

You are immediately drawn into the world of simple, elegant luxury of The Bower as the inspiring video on the homepage rolls on a loop, drawing you in. The video showcases would could be if you were to book a stay with them. It shows you the person you could become by showing what you are potentially missing out on by not experiencing their property. Video is incredibly powerful at setting the scene and giving viewers a sense of needing what you have to offer.

The site is easy to naviagte, clear, simple and elegant, matching the interior styling of the property itself. The main job of a good website, aesthetically speaking, is to not get in the way of the experience it is attempting to convey. The simplistic beauty of The Bower speaks for itself through the pages of the site and the relevant and informative blog posts continue to build on a deeper understanding of what a guest can expect to experience during a stay.

What could be improved:

It’s excellent that they have an option to subscribe to their newsletter. However, I would make this more prominent on the page and would encourage the owners to create an irresistible incentive to encourage site visitors to subscribe. Email marketing is one of the most powerful methods of positioning your property right in front of very interested potential guests and growing brand loyalty, therefore it should be properly utilised as the influential tool that it is.

There is a slightly jarring element to the website however, and that is the large font size and uppercase typeface used within the blog post excerpts and within the blogposts themselves. I found the initial homepage video to be so soothing and yet the contrasting ‘shouting’ typeface to be somewhat off-putting. However, I do have a strict eagle eye for design and, in particular, the flow of a website so I may just be a tad too fussy in this regard!

#4 Captains Rest, Tasmania

“Captains Rest is a haven of peace and serenity in a stunning secluded slice of world heritage area that I love most in the world.” – Captains Rest website

What we love about it:

Using video is a powerful way to tell the story of your property. It adds life, character and a certain feel that people can expect to experience when they stay with you. It stirs the imagination and helps a potential guest see themselves there enjoying that same feeling that you’re portraying within the video. Utilise the power within storytelling to draw in your website visitors and set the scene for their incredible experience when they book.

The cosy, serene atmosphere runs as a consistent theme throughout the property, video, branding and photography. Consistency is key to creating a unique feel that can’t be found elsewhere.

What could be improved:

The layout of the website itself is unfortunately quite jarring. It doesn’t flow intuitively. A simple restructuring of the site would fix this, with no need to edit the content as the images, video and text are delightful.

Again, I would encourage Sarah to invest in an online booking platform on her own website to encourage visitors to book through her rather than giving a percentage of her profit to Airbnb. 

I also feel that a design blog on the site would draw in many new visitors and increase the property’s bookings and search engine ranking (SEO). People choose to stay at these locations to feel and experience a certain atmosphere and story. So a design blog helping them to recreate something similar in their own home would work wonders to grow Sarah’s potential market to whom she could advertise specific offers and products, such as interior styling items and homeware that connect with the style found in the Captains Rest guesthouse.

#5 One & Only Resorts

“At home in the world’s most inspiring locations, hand-picked for exceptional beauty and unique cultural charm, One&Only Beach Resorts, Nature Resorts, Urban Resorts and Private Homes are havens of outstanding style and service that place you in the heart of every fascinating environment. From incredible, authentic cuisine, to unique tailored excursions, and spectacular spaces to simply ‘be’; unforgettable moments begin at One&Only.” – One & Only website

What we love about it:

The layout and feel of this beautiful website is slick, luxurious and speaks of quality which is precisely how website visitors will assume their resorts feel too. First impressions are key and One & Only are pretty convincing when it comes to entrusting visitors of their high standards and excellence. From the clean, elegant layout to the stylised photoshoots and entrance video, you’re immediately transported into another world which is exactly how they want you to feel. 

The website features a compelling blog keeping their visitors updated on One & Only’s news, successes and expansion along with a newsletter subscription option to stay top of mind with potential guests.

What could be improved:

I would recommend expanding the blog topics to include lifestyle and design articles. A blog containing just content sharing the success of the business doesn’t lure too many people in aside from investors. I feel there would be a strong market of people interested in reading more in-depth articles covering the lifestyle and ethos of the One & Only persona. 

In summary

As you can see, the beauty of the design, visual flow, evocative storytelling and intuitive layout of a website is crucial for positioning your property as a luxury experience. However, there is so much more to a successful website than that. Without suitable and consistent branding, relevant content and functionality it simply won’t be as effective as it could be. 

I hope these website analyses have inspired you to take a fresh and critical look at your own website and make any changes necessary to improve its performance. If you’d like us to take a look at your site and provide you with a free design and technical review to see what could be improved and what could potentially be damaging your business, reach out via our Website Review application.

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. By continuing to use this site we assume you are okay with it. Read my Cookies Policy.

This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. By continuing to use this site we assume you are okay with it. Read my Cookies Policy.

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