7 Things to Remember When Naming Your Hotel Brand

By Hâfi Martinsdóttir

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Naming your business can be such an exciting but oftentimes daunting process that it’s hard to know when you’ve actually found a name to stick with or if you should scrap it all and start again! Below we’ve gathered 7 tips to bear in mind when conjuring up such an important part of your new venture.

01. Convey your brand's personality

First of all, your brand name needs to convey the very essence of your business and what it stands for. Consider the personality of your brand, its voice, what sort of a presence do you want it to have? How should people feel when they hear it?

Depending on the sort of business you are launching it’s important to consider how your audience might receive it. If you are opening a capsule hotel in Tokyo then you might want your guests to associate the words intimate, quiet and efficient with your chosen name. But if, on the other hand, you are redesigning a grand grade II listed manor house in rural England, you might prefer your brand name to conjure up warmer words such as comfortable, lavish and decadent.

Compare these words to an authoritative brand that aspires to be experts within their field who might perhaps opt for a name that signifies reliability, credibility and endurance. This is a direct contrast to hotels who will want to connect with their guests on an emotional and more hospitable level with words such as inviting, homely or sanctuary.

02. Consider your niche

Depending on precisely who you are marketing your brand towards, it’s important to bear in mind the type of brands that your target audience prefer to do business with. If your hotel is aiming towards the higher end of the market then your brand name ought to reflect an element of luxury.

It’s worth remembering that brand names can be unisex, feminine or masculine depending on who they are trying to attract. 

03. Future Growth

Another important aspect to consider is your intention for the future of your brand. As a hotel you may consider using a geographical location within your title as that is precisely where your business is located. However, it’s important to consider that if you should choose to expand in the future and invest in another hotel in a different city, then perhaps the word ‘London’ in your brand name might serve as a hindrance rather than a help.

One of the most common problems that can arise for new businesses is where they outgrow a limiting name within a few years. Versatility here is key.

Three things to consider now before committing to a brand name that could stifle your future growth:

  • Geographical location (such as Paris or London)
  • Including services or products offered in the name (ie. cocktail bar, should you wish to expand into a restaurant or hotel) 
  • Business structure (using Partners or Co.)

Unless you plan to absolutely stick to your current services, location or business structure, then we would suggest sticking with a name that can grow alongside you.

04. Using your own name

Unless you are creating a business whereby you are the brand, for example, if you are a coach, then we would suggest avoiding naming the business after yourself. Using a name can damage the chances of selling your business in the future should you wish to do so and it also fails to conjure up anything as we likely won’t currently associate your name with a particular industry or service.

05. Make it original

Brand originality goes a long way in standing out from the crowd and means that you will have less competition when people search for your name on search engines or social media. Which is why we always tell our clients to Google their business name first to see just how saturated the market is.

To keep things original, try inventing a word. Keep it short and snappy so that it’s easily remembered and always make it easy to pronounce. Keep an open mind when reading books or even walking in the street, you never know what sort of words you might come across that could inspire.

Write a list of all of your ideas and check their synonyms too for perhaps lesser-used words that carry more weight.

06. Is it available?

It’s really important that you’re able to use and own the same brand name across all platforms. Check that your brand name is available on all social media platforms that you wish to use as well as checking availability within domain names. Consistency is key here as repetition is how people will grow to remember your brand so if they’re having to memorise two different names associated with your brand then it’s much more likely that they will be forgotten.

If your company name is not available across all platforms then we would suggest changing it. As soon as you make a final decision on a name, it’s a good idea to secure the different platform handles quickly.

Another important aspect when checking for availability, is whether or not your brand name has been trademarked already. Discovering this now can avoid painful legal hassles down the line.

07. Try it out

Saying your brand name out loud is an important part of getting comfortable with it and seeing if there are any flaws that might need to be addressed. This is also why it’s a good idea to ask others to read the name aloud and see whether or not they have any trouble knowing how to pronounce the name. Although a word spelled uniquely or with cultural meaning might look good on paper, this can impact your growth negatively as people will likely struggle to find or remember your business if it has a complicated spelling. Not to mention how frustrating it will be to have to repeatedly spell out the name over the phone to guests and business partners.

By testing your name out with friends it helps you ensure your brand name is simple, easy to spell, memorable, conjures up positive emotions and gives you some valuable feedback or suggestions too.


Above all, this part of the process should be fun! Enjoy it but take it slowly. It’s much easier to take your time now than to rush in and have to change all of your branding one year down the line because you’re unhappy with your initial choice.

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. By continuing to use this site we assume you are okay with it. Read my Cookies Policy.

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