Bonus Article: How to Get Your Hospitality Business Found Online Locally

By Hâfi Martinsdóttir

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This article is the final section within our 8-part course titled “How to get your hospitality business found locally online”

We have covered so much within this course and if you have implemented everything that we discussed then you will have a solid foundation established from which your brand’s online presence can continue to grow.

In this bonus article, we will cover a few final suggestions we wanted to share with you.

Businesses located within your hotel

First of all, let’s take a look at the “Located In” feature that Google provides to hotels within their Google Business listing. If your hotel features other businesses that are located within your property, such as a spa, grocery store, restaurant, lounge, bar and anything else that is open to the public and can be accesses independently from your hotel, then you will want to have them listed as businesses located within your hotel.

The “Located In” feature enables you to outline each of these businesses in detail and indicate that these businesses share the address of your hotel. Because of this, the businesses that you list within your property will share your hotel’s location in Google Maps and will allow your customers to easily find them.

Click here and scroll to the bottom for the Google support document regarding setting up your “Located In” feature.

Full hotel attributes

It’s important that hotel marketers fully utilise all options that Google provides to showcase the entirety of their property, this includes the “Hotel Attributes” section. This section enables hoteliers to customise their amenities and services based on

Within the Hotel Attributes section you will find two tabs, “Property Details” and “Room Details” – this is only available on desktop. Here you can specify the amenities and services provided within each of these tabs and whether or not those amenities are complimentary, offered only at specific times of the day or season or if there are any disruptions to a service, such as renovation or temporary closure.

Filling in this section continues to build Google’s confidence in your listing and thus makes them more likely to promote your hotel over others who have an incomplete listing. Guests also appreciate the extra insight that this section provides, along with the short description of your hotel that appears within the “Hotel Details” section.

However, at this time you are unable to customise the information provided within the Hotel Details section as Google automatically pulls this from your website and other online listings which is why it’s essential that all information is consistent and up to date.

To edit your hotel’s attributes, simply login to your hotel’s GMB dashboard, open the “Info” tab in the left-hand column and the option “Hotel attributes” will appear.

Turn on messaging

Don’t forget to enable messaging so that Google users can contact you directly through your Google My Business listing. To do this, you will need to download the Google My Business app on your phone and connect to the account that manages your hotel listing.

It’s worth noting that Google has a specific requirement that you must meet in order to use the messaging service within your business listing. Google has an expectation that you will respond to any messages that you receive within 24 hours. A big reason for this is to instill confidence and trust within your brand and encourage engagement with your business. Google take this so seriously that they may deactivate messaging for your hotel listing if you don’t respond within the expected time frame.

Having enabled messaging, the following becomes available:

  • Your potential guests will be able to message you at any time via your GMB listing
  • You can receive these messages easily through the GMB app along with notifications on your phone so that you can meet the 24 hour response time requirement
  • It’s possible to customise the automated welcome message that users will receive when they message you.
  • You are also able to share photos via the messaging app
  • If your business listing has multiple owners or managers, each one can respond to messages

Install the Google My Business app on your phone and connect it to your GMB listing. You are now able to update your listing via your phone and post new updates and photos directly from within the app.

Enable messaging and set your automated Welcome message. You will receive a notification each time you receive a message and will be able to respond directly from within the app itself.

Don't forget about Bing!

It’s always worth reminding ourselves that it’s not just Google where we need to be ranking. Bing is often overlooked but is also an essential part of being found online. Ensure that you claim, verify and optimise your Bing Places for Business listing with all of the correct and relevant information.

To do this, visit Bing Places and search for your property using a phone number or hotel name and location. Select your property form the results, if your hotel doesn’t show up in the results then you can simply create a new listing. If your hotel does show up in the results then you can “Claim and edit details”. Ensure that all of the information within the listing is correct, up to date and consistent with your other online listings and submit. Follow the instructions to verify your listing.

It’s also possible to save time by importing your business information directly from your Google My Business listing.

To do list:

  • If you have any other businesses located within your hotel, ensure that they are connected within the same location as your property.
  • Ensure all hotel attributes are listed accurately and in detail, property attributes and room attributes.
  • Download the GMB app and connect it to your business listing. 
  • Set up messaging to provide potential guests with another method of contacting you.
  • Set up your Bing Places for Business listing and ensure the information is consistent with that presented within your GMB listing. 

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Course Complete!

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To help you continue to get the most out of your hard work, we have created a helpful resource to help you stay on track with your goals to getting your business found locally online. The resource includes a checklist of actions that you can take each day, week, month, quarter and year to keep the results flowing in. Good SEO is built up over time and that’s why our checklist will be essential in keeping you and your business on track. We’ll be sending your checklist to your inbox as the final part of this course.

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. By continuing to use this site we assume you are okay with it. Read my Cookies Policy.

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